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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Back!

Yup! I’m back after 17 days offline and not blogging. A full 17 exhausting days to manage;

1. Baby girl – Darwisya Aqmar. She was admitted at PUSRAWI, Kota Damansara for jaundice. 4 days, 3 night ‘package’ to be exact.
2. The mum of Darwisya Aqmar who still weak after delivery.
3. My office workloads especially on projects delivery toward year end.

Now, daddy is back, ready for kick'n.
Fully loaded and inspired whenever come home from work, to see my heroes & heroin and the mum.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breaking news: Finally.. It’s a Baby Girl!


Date Of Delivery:
Tuesday; 4th Novemver 2008 @ 0030hrs
Location: Hospital Universti Kebangsaan Malaysia(HUKM), Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Baby was Delivered: Baby Girl, 2.25kg.

Baby name : Darwisya Aqmar.

Upon Discharged, mother is :
- Well and comfortable.
- No excessive PV Bleeding.
- Tolerating orally well
- Ambulating well

Upon Discharged, baby is :
- Well, Pink, Not jaundice
- +BO +PU
- Sucking well

Additional note:
Upon Discharged, father is :
- Physically & mentally exhausted, but healthy.
- Reported to experience insomnia symptom.
- Also being observed(by the nurses here) that father is quite busy seeking & reading articles on
*‘2nd child syndrome.


* note:
2nd child syndorme: satu keadaan bagaimana anak pertama atau kedua akan 'behave'(Psychology or physically) setelah menerima kehadiran baby baru dalam keluarga.