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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

GU Setup in Morning session

Based on my past experience, I notice that GU is quite easy to predict it's movement within period 6am – 9am Malaysian time (GMT +8).

What you have to do in early morning at 6am are...
1. Solat subuh dulu... Wajib tuh.

2. Draw vertical line to indicate today’s 6am time. (My broker time is 23:00).
3. Get the Pivot level or line. Kalu cara manual dptkan High & Low candlestick semalam, do your calculation, and you will get the pivot line. Cara paling mudah, execute je indicator pivot.mq4. tu.. Google je benda ni kat internet, sure jumpa.. hehe.
4. So, after 6am, which mean the opening price for today, if GU price di bawah Pivot, bermakna it’s BEARISH. i.e. momentum is down.. at least within period 6am – 9am.
5. So before 6:30am, buat pending order - SELL LIMIT, 10-15 pips from current price. SL -50, TP 10-15 pips.
6. By pukul 9:30am, check balik, if no order execute, then cancel je lah pending order tu, tak ada rezeki hari ni. Esok dan esok dan esok masih ada peluang lagi..

7. Begitu juga if GU price open di atas Pivot. Bermakna it’s BULLISH. i.e. momentum UP at least within period 6am – 9am. Buat le cara yang serupa seperti step 5 & 6. Tapi BUY LIMIT, jangan korang buat sell limit pulak..

“Untung, gelak sama-sama. Rugi, menangis sorang-sorang... hehehe..

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