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Monday, February 4, 2008

Pay Yourself & Family First

Sometimes, you don’t have to listen to a bunch of motivational talk from motivational lecturer like Dr. Fadilah Lai Lai Li Tamplom, or etc. only to get motivated everyday.

Cukup dengan something that you bought for yourself and your family to boost the spirits. These items bellows can express a lot of inspiring things than words to me & my family.

Sabtu lepas, wife & me spend a few things for each other & kids.

1. I’m 'paying' myself with a new PSP slim. Full packages. Including 2 dvds ‘ehem’ games + 4GB memory stick + screen protector + pouch & strap + crystal case + headphone with remote + car charger. Boost myself to work, err… at least for another year. :-)

2. My wife 'pay' herself with a new PDA handphone - HTC-Touch. To boost herself with another year in teaching in a ‘havoc’ school.

3. I’m 'paying' my 2 kids with a brand new bicycles. To boost themselves for attending and learning in kindergarten this year.

4. I’m 'paying' my maid with ‘performance’ bonus. To boost her with another year to work with my family.

5. I’m going to 'pay' my parents & in-law with ‘special bonuses’, during this CNY. Sebagai tanda ikhlas yang kita masih lagi ada mak-bapak untuk diingati..

Price of those 5 items above? --- Fuuh.. amat mahal.
Satisfaction and motivation mood?--- PRICELESS !

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